Folktales Far & Wide: Anansi

From the Folktales Far & Wide mural, on permanent display in the children’s department of the Martin Library in York, PA.

Anansi is the Spider Man from stories originating in West Africa.  This scene is from the tale of how he came to be the keeper of all stories.  You can read a version here.  Also, in this book (highly recommended).  He is returning (Illustration Friday theme: Return) to the Sky God to deliver his conquests and claim his prize.

Pencil Drawing:

Finished Painting:



  1. My son loves the story about how the moon came to be in the sky.

  2. My uncle told me the Anansi stories when I was a child – he had grown up with them in Jamaica. Recently I went searching for them again, possibly inspired by this blog. I haven’t found a good version yet but Neil Gaimen’s Anansi Boys is a great modern retelling. Yours is an Interesting illustration

    • Thank you. Neil Gaiman’s name is hidden in the webbing ;)
      I’m a big fan of the children’s book A Story A Story – which is a retelling of this particular Anansi Story. I’m pretty sure Anansi Boys was spun off of Gaiman’s American Gods (which I have read) – where Anansi has a bit part. I’ve yet to read AB, but it is on my need to read heap.

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