Wizard of Oz Theater Backdrops (1997)

Going back a ways – Here is the work I did for a community theater in Ephrata PA called Ephrata ACT.  Dave and Marsha Martin offered me the job of designing and painting all the backdrops for their Christmas production of The Wizard of Oz.

I painted it almost completely on my own, in a township storage facility (?) in October – putting in long hours (while working FT elsewhere) so I could try to finish before it became too cold in the building. It was difficult – but it was the chance to illustrate some of Oz with complete independence and freedom, and I loved that idea.  To this day, I’m proud of how they came out.  I understand the forest backdrop came in handy for other productions, too.

Please forgive the quality of these photos – the theater was dim, and my camera wasn’t so hot.  If any of the cast should happen by here – I’d be happy to credit you in any pics you appear in.

This is the split background used for the Yellow Brick Road (in combination with the Corn Field set), and the Munchkin Village.

Here you can see how the Munchkin Village was used in conjunction with the house set.

Another shot showing the Munchkin backdrop in use.

Here you can see how the cornfield set piece combines with the Yellow Brick Road.

A picture that shows the cornfield set piece a bit better.

The Forest, probably my favorite piece.  I used a weedkiller pump spray bottle with diluted acrylic paints to do some of this.

The witch in the forest.

The Emerald City

Inside the Emerald City – the Wizard.

The Witch’s Castle.

A closer shot of the Witch’s Castle – to show some of the detailing.

My hands got cold just typing about this!  Each show sold out, and we still hang Wizard of Oz ornaments from the occasion on our tree each year.


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