Meg Dog Portrait

A memorial portrait of the crazy little fuzz creature that was my in-laws’ Meg Dog. She was scraggly and funny looking (mostly blind diabetic who couldn’t hear very well) and we miss her.  She told the best secrets, and was endearingly psychotic.
11 x 14″ Acrylic on canvas board.



  1. amy

    Hi Ron,

    Your in-laws’ dog Meg has a canny similarity to my dog Meg.
    I would send you a picture of her if I knew how to on here.
    Was Meg a mix of King Charles Cavalier and Poodle?


    • Hi – sorry it has taken so long to reply! Meggie was a mystery combination :) I have an email address posted on the front page of the site if you are interested in sending a pic. I knew Meg Dog for about half of her long happy life.

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